Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

What if your career is not going as well as you imagined? What if music scouts aren’t noticing you and you rarely get booked as a performer? It’s not the end of the line yet. You may need to do something about your visibility, which can be boosted through pay-to-play gigs.

Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

Is Pay-to-Play Legal?

Yes, it is. Many bars actually do this so that they can host a show even if they don’t have a big budget. You’ll find that you are not the only one who is eager to get up on stage and perform music. It’s a good opportunity for starting artists who may never be invited onstage otherwise.

Why Do You have to Pay?

If you’re not being invited to play for certain gigs enough, then you are not being recognized by music scouts even if they are in the same places you frequent. By paying to play, you are ensuring that you get to perform so that more people will be able to hear your music.

If You’re Paying to Play, What Benefit Do You Get?

Once music scouts hear you and realize that you can be a potential recording artist, they will instantly contact you and tell you about their plan for you. Paying to play is like putting yourself in their radar. Instead of waiting for a chance that may never come along, you have put yourself in the spotlight where they can conveniently observe your talent.

Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

Although pay-to-play isn’t exactly the best way to start your career since this requires money, it’s a good way for you to advertise yourself. And since you are paying for the chance to play onstage, the least that the host of the show can give you is a free recommendation to the music scouts who might be in the area.

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