Be One of the Up and Coming UK Black Musical Artists

There are a lot of people whose dream job is to be able to perform as a recording artist. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed in this field. Some choose to go a completely different track while others choose a somewhat music-related career as a last resort. If you’re aspiring to be one of the up and coming UK black musical artists of today’s generation, you have a lot of work to do.

Hone Your Talent

Never stop practicing your talent. The music you make will only get better if you use it repeatedly. Also, make sure that you protect your talent by being particular with your lifestyle.

Get Yourself Publicized

Be in as many shows as you can. It’s okay to participate in pay-to-play gigs sometimes if you aren’t being invited often. Recording companies will be more interested in you if they see that you have been performing in different places. In fact, you can even be discovered through these performances. One person who knows someone looking for artists can recommend you simply because they liked the way you sang in a small bar.

Be One of the Up and Coming UK Black Musical Artists

Get as Much Attention as Possible

It’s all about publicity. Be friends with the right people and soon you will hear a lot of talk about your talent. Make sure that you make friends by being a good person and soon your career will launch.

Start a YouTube Account

Everything’s happening on YouTube these days. People are discovering all sorts of bands. YouTube has already made a lot of unknown people famous all because they took the time to make song covers and upload them on the website. This is a good chance for you to gain an audience. If you get popular enough, recording labels can easily contact you for a deal.

Upload Your Free Demo CD Online

Many starting artists do this these days to kick-start their career. If you’re too impatient to wait for a recording studio to come to you, make sure that your music reaches their ears. Upload your high quality music to popular sharing websites and see how fast it reaches the best record labels.

If you work hard on your career, you will certainly become a popular black recording artist in UK. Just make sure that you don’t give up easily because the road is tough. You will appreciate your career more if you know that you’ve worked hard to achieve it. Now go ahead and get yourself noticed so that your career can start soon.

Tips on How to Get a Record Deal

If you have the talent and you think that you have what it takes to sell a record album, it’s only natural to look for a record label that will back you up. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a record deal. Make sure that you follow these tips on how to get a record deal.

  1. Be patient and persistent. These two are the most important things you have to remember when starting to find a record deal. It may take you a while to see any results when you send out your demo but you should not give up easily.
  2. Record a good demo CD. Make a few cover tracks and some original ones. Make sure that your recording is clear and has a good quality. Labels will not listen to it if they can barely hear you over the noise. Before submitting the demo, you should get some people to listen to it. Get some unbiased opinion to know whether the quality is good enough for submission.
  3. Look for possible candidates and send your demo to them. It would be better if you knew the name of the person to send the demo to. Although some aspiring artists just send their demo to the record label itself, if you add a name to it the demo will go straight to where you want it to go. Unlabeled demos will be handled in bulk and who knows how record labels decide which ones to listen to.
  4. Arrange your tracks by putting the best first. Record labels will probably just give your recording a few seconds as chance to prove itself so make sure that the first song is something that can captivate their attention. There’s a very small chance that they will listen to your other songs unless they had been impressed by your first one.
  5. Be a professional. You may be rejected more than once, but that doesn’t mean you have to be mean about it. That’s just how the industry works. Not all aspiring talents are instantly given the spotlight. Some of them have to go through a lot of trials first before they get there.
  6. Utilize the power of the internet. Aside from sending out demos you can also upload your tracks and send them to record label companies online. All you have to do is find their websites and contact them. It’s easier to get the songs within their scope this way and since it’s free and easy, you can submit to anywhere with just a few clicks. Find a website that posts tracks for free. If you get enough good reviews, record labels will be more interested in you.
Tips on How to Get a Record Deal

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Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

What if your career is not going as well as you imagined? What if music scouts aren’t noticing you and you rarely get booked as a performer? It’s not the end of the line yet. You may need to do something about your visibility, which can be boosted through pay-to-play gigs.

Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

Is Pay-to-Play Legal?

Yes, it is. Many bars actually do this so that they can host a show even if they don’t have a big budget. You’ll find that you are not the only one who is eager to get up on stage and perform music. It’s a good opportunity for starting artists who may never be invited onstage otherwise.

Why Do You have to Pay?

If you’re not being invited to play for certain gigs enough, then you are not being recognized by music scouts even if they are in the same places you frequent. By paying to play, you are ensuring that you get to perform so that more people will be able to hear your music.

If You’re Paying to Play, What Benefit Do You Get?

Once music scouts hear you and realize that you can be a potential recording artist, they will instantly contact you and tell you about their plan for you. Paying to play is like putting yourself in their radar. Instead of waiting for a chance that may never come along, you have put yourself in the spotlight where they can conveniently observe your talent.

Should You Participate in Pay-to-Play Gigs?

Although pay-to-play isn’t exactly the best way to start your career since this requires money, it’s a good way for you to advertise yourself. And since you are paying for the chance to play onstage, the least that the host of the show can give you is a free recommendation to the music scouts who might be in the area.

What are the Music Jobs that Pay?

So you have a musical talent. What do you do with it? It can be a good hobby, but it would be better if you can make money out of it, right? Fortunately, there are music jobs that pay. This way you will be doing something that you love while also earning from it.

What are the Music Jobs that Pay?

Becoming a Musical Coach

You’d make a great musical coach because you already have the talent in music. Aspiring artists can come to you for some advice and private lessons. This will also be a good practice for your talents so that you don’t get sloppy.

Teach Music

If you don’t want a private job, you can apply as a teacher of music. There are schools and universities looking for talented teachers who can teach students about everything there is to know about music. Note though that you might have to take some courses before you can become a qualified teacher. If you choose this job, you will get to see more students who also have the talent. You might even develop friendships with some of them.

Being a Recording Artist

The best way to earn money from being a musician is by being a recording artist. Of course it may take some time for you to be found by a recording studio, but it will pay off once your album is released.

Make Your Own Record Label

You can either do this while waiting for a recording studio to notice you, or you can do this on your own. It’s easy to make a recording label—all you need is a website and your own music to show to listeners. You can earn money by uploading your music to popular music discovery and downloading websites.

What are the Music Jobs that Pay?

A career in music is fun and exciting. You get to do the thing you love most and you also get to earn some money from it.

How to Get in the Industry of Black Music in UK

Black music is a genre that’s easily becoming very popular. Black people who make or inspire music can turn heads and be popular for their work. If you’re aspiring to be a part of black music in UK, then you have to remember these things:

  1. Sing about something that’s never been sung before. Many black artists had already sung songs before you, so if you don’t have anything new to offer, people may not be that interested. It would be nice if you can sing about your own experiences. People can relate to them and soon you will be the talk of the town.
  2. Have a signature style, but show your versatility. It’s okay to focus on a certain kind of music, but you should also practice something outside that range. Do an album about pop songs, but add a hint of ballad somewhere in there so that the people can see that you are not limited to one genre. They will love you even more if they know that you have a broad talent.
  3. Find connections with other black artists. One good way to be noticed easily is by collaborating with artists who may already be popular. If you’re friends with someone who knows these artists, getting a meeting with them can be easy. How do you encourage them to collaborate with you? Write a song that you think will fit both of you and run the idea by them.
  4. Write your songs and show any other talent you may have. Don’t hesitate to play original songs and layout the instrumentals for your tracks. People love the all-around man.

These days, getting noticed isn’t as hard as you think. All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time and with the right people and soon you will find yourself in the spotlight. Just make sure though that you like the image that you will be portraying to the world so that you will feel happy with all your progress.